A powerful digital solution for vendor payments powered by Corpay payment automation

Streamline workflows to boost efficiency

For dealers, processing payments and manually cutting checks is painfully time-consuming. Take back valuable hours with a seamless, automated payment solution—ePay by Lightspeed.

Enabling comprehensive, automated B2B payments

Powered by and integrated with Corpay Payment Automation, ePay enables you to pay vendors through a simple, digital solution. Helping save both time and money, ePay consolidates vendor payments into a single workflow with a seamless Lightspeed integration, outsources payment-fraud risk, and leverages credit card rebates to offset costs—turning your Accounts Payable department into a revenue generator.

  • Easily execute all payments in a single digital workflow
    Make virtual card, check, or ACH payments in a single payment run.
  • Simplify the reconciliation process
    Reduce the time needed to reconcile your payments with our automated reporting.
  • Mitigate payment risk and liability
    Customizable approval workflows allow you to control what gets paid and when, and Corpay Payment Automation assumes responsibility for payment fraud risk for qualified payments.
  • Seamless integration
    Select invoices to pay as you would do within Lightspeed, and then choose the option to send via ePay. Payments will automatically be handled for you.
  • Eliminate paper from your process
    An almost paperless process for managing invoice payments, you can eliminate paper checks and countless hours of tedious, labor-intensive check stuffing.
Download the Lightspeed ePay Fact Sheet to learn more

Ready to get started?

Please send an email to lightspeed@corpay.com, which will allow us to kick-off your personalized implementation plan.