That's Lightspeed CRM.

Wouldn't it be nice to never have to worry about leads lost on a scrap of notebook paper
or missing out on a sale due to incomplete customer information?

If you don’t have an optimized customer experience flowing through one integrated system, your customers are probably frustrated and you’re definitely losing money.

Imagine your leads always reach the right person every time,

with total transparency into when and how they receive follow-up.

The Lightspeed CRM solution provides those best-in-class experiences for you and your customers – all neatly integrated with the Lightspeed®EVO platform.

When you have properly tracked leads and accountable salespeople, it’s a no-brainer that you’ll have better customer relationships and see more sales.

Just Built Better.

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CRM Solutions

With an improved customer management system, you can take better care of your customers with consistency.

Achieve more with our Dealership Applications

Our dealership applications integrate seamlessly across your entire business so your team can work smarter not harder.

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Adapt to what your customers prefer by turning text messages into sales performers.

Save time with
Voice Connect

The days endlessly of searching for client records are over. Lightspeed can save you on average 45 seconds to one minute per client call.

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