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directly integrated into Lightspeed®EVO.

Electronic signature integration is here.

Improve the customer experience, strengthen compliance, and eliminate costs related to paper-based processes across all departments.

It’s touchless synergy at its best.

eSignature Features and Benefits

eSignature capabilities are now available in Lightspeed®EVO. With eSignature, you can improve your customer experience, strengthen compliance, and eliminate costs related to paper-based processes.

Dealer Benefits:

  • Fully integrated with LightspeedEVO
  • See status of eSignature documents within LightspeedEVO
  • Speed up your F&I sales process
  • Reduce returned funding packages due to missing forms, alignment issues and missing signatures
  • Increase face time with customers
  • Complete and print digital forms quickly
  • Produce professional looking forms that are perfectly aligned with every output
  • Lower costs related to paper-based procedures (printing, distribution, and storage of hard copies of documents)

Customer Benefits:

  • Reduced wait time
  • Immediate access to completed digital documents
  • Fraud protection for documents with military-grade digital signature technology
  • Extensive identity verification and authentication
  • Works with any Android or iOS mobile devices

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of Lightspeed®EVO.

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