Reduce Service slowdowns by
taking advantage of texting.

habits are changing.

For a growing number of your customers, calling is no longer their preference.

It's texting

Explore Lightspeed®EVO Texting, the only two-way texting integration for LightspeedEVO in the industry.

  • Raise productivity by reducing Technicians' wait time for customer approvals
  • Improve communication by sending photos to your customers
  • Increase leads by accepting texts through your dealership’s main number
  • Maximize efficiency by texting directly through LightspeedEVO
  • Enhance engagement by providing real-time communication more customers prefer

Backed by the power of Lightspeed®EVO.


for smoother operations across Parts, Sales, Service and F&I

Manage multiple locations

and monitor consistency markers in a single page view

Make better

based on immediate access to real-time dealership data

Let texts help you turn more profits.

Get your free demo of LightspeedEVO Texting.

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